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Mobile Banking

1       Acceptance of Terms

1.1 NBV’s Mobile Banking is governed by these Terms and Conditions (T&Cs). 

1.2 Before accepting these T&Cs please read them carefully as your use is controlled by them. These T&Cs should also be read in conjunction with the NBV Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions which will prevail over these T&Cs if there are any inconsistencies between the two. 

1.3 By using Mobile Banking, you signify that you have read and accepted these T&Cs. 

2       Definitions

Access Code means a code or other secure procedure (e.g., PIN or Password) you can use to access IsiMobile. 

Access Method means a method authorised by us for your use and accepted by us as authority to transact and access your Account and includes but is not limited to use of a Password and/or PIN but does not include a method which requires your manual signature. 

Account(s) means any savings, investment or loan account held by you with NBV, and which we agree you may access for the purpose of effecting transfers or otherwise accessing IsiMobile. 

ACH means Automated Clearing House and refers to the component of VANKLIA that facilitates the periodic transfer of funds where the transfer requires clearance in assigned clearing sessions. 

Authorised User means you or any other person you have authorised to operate on your Account. 

DFT means Domestic Funds Transfer to other banks operating in Vanuatu. 

Email Address means the unique email address that you have registered to receive notifications. 

Identifier means information that you know but is not required to be kept secret, and is required to access IsiMobile (e.g., your customer number) or effect transfers (e.g., an Account number). 

IsiMobile App means software provided by us in connection with Mobile Banking and downloaded directly to your mobile device from the App store that is appropriate to your Mobile Device. 

Loan means a credit in which NBV lends you a sum of money in exchange for future repayment of the value or principal amount. 

Mistaken Transfer means a transfer made by you through IsiMobile where the funds are paid into the account of an unintended recipient due to you entering a wrong Identifier that does not belong to the named and/or intended recipient as a result of your error or you are being advised the wrong Identifier. 

Mobile Banking means any service we offer from time to time through an internet protocol telecommunications network to enable you to access information about your Accounts, make transfers or transmit instructions to us electronically through the Mobile Banking App and a Mobile Device. 

Mobile Device means electronic equipment provided by you (e.g. smart phone or tablet) capable of running the IsiMobile App. 

Mobile Number means the telephone number associated with a Mobile Device that you have registered to receive SMS messages. 

Mobile Top-Up means the process of adding funds to a Digicel Vanuatu or Vodafone Vanuatu prepaid mobile phone account. 

NBV, We, Us or Our means National Bank of Vanuatu Ltd a registered financial institution in Vanuatu. 

Password means the confidential alphanumeric code chosen by you which when used in conjunction with your customer number gives access to IsiMobile to enable you to set up a PIN. 

PIN means Personal Identification Number and is the confidential 4-digit numeric code chosen by you which when used provides quick access to IsiMobile allowing you to access and transact on your Accounts. 

Standard DFT means a transfer request processed through ACH. 

RTGS means Real Time Gross Settlement and refers to the component of VANKLIA that facilitates the transfer of funds in real-time. 

Term Deposit means an investment in which a lump sum is deposited at an agreed-upon interest rate for a specified period. 

Terms & Conditions means these Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions. 

Transfer means a transfer of funds from your Account held with NBV to: 

- another Account held by you with NBV, or 

- an Account of another NBV customer 

VANKLIA means the Vanuatu National Payments System, administered by Reserve of Vanuatu under the National Payment Systems Act. It facilitates transfers of funds between participants. 

Written Notice means notice delivered on paper and does not mean notice delivered in electronic format. 

You and Your means the Account holder instructing us through Mobile Banking. It also includes any third party authorised by you to access and/or operate your Account(s) with the intent that you shall be liable for any use of Mobile Banking in respect of your Accounts and for any failure of any authorised signatory to observe these conditions of use. 

Unintended Recipient means the recipient of funds because of a Mistaken Transfer. 

Urgent DFT means a transfer request processed through RTGS.  


3       Using IsiMobile App through smart phones or devices


When you make a transaction with a mobile device you authorise us to act on the instructions you have entered into the mobile device.

3.1       Special risks

Mobile Banking allows you to easily access your Account information and transact using your Mobile Device. Because of this simplicity there are risks: 

- if someone else has your Access Codes they can transact on your Account as if they are you. You may be liable for these transactions; 

- you must keep your Access Codes secret. Do not tell them to anyone else including family, friends, and institutions; 

- ignore any emails that come from NBV that ask you to input your Access Codes. NBV will never send you such emails. These emails come from other people who want to gain access to your Account. 


4       Eligibility

4.1 All customers of NBV are eligible to access information about their Accounts using IsiMobile once they have registered to use IsiMobile and have subsequently been issued with an initial Password. 

4.2 View only IsiMobile access is given to Accounts where multiple (two or more) signatures are required to transact on an Account. 

4.3 NBV also allows customers that are not persons (e.g., organisations, companies, schools, churches, etc.) to access information about their Accounts. These non-person customers only have ‘view only’ access to their Accounts irrespective of the method of operation of their Accounts. 

5       Eligible Mobile Devices and Access

5.1 Not all Mobile Devices may be capable of accessing and using Mobile Banking. You are responsible for using, having, or obtaining a Mobile Device which works with Mobile Banking. 

5.2 We make reasonable efforts to: 

a) ensure that Mobile Banking is available during the hours specified by us from time to time, and 

b) ensure that information we make available to you through Mobile Banking is correct. 

5.3 NBV is not responsible for:  

a) a Mobile Device not being able to access the service; 

b) availability of Mobile Banking on your Mobile Device. Availability may be affected by your telecommunications connection and so we cannot guarantee that you will be able to access Mobile Banking at all times; 

c) any loss or damage to a mobile device resulting from your access or use or attempted use of Mobile Banking; 

d) any charges relating to your use of a Mobile Device for the purposes of Mobile Banking; 

e) the security of your Mobile Device which you use to access Mobile Banking. When you have finished accessing your Accounts you should log out of the Mobile Banking App. 

5.4 If you travel outside of Vanuatu, you may still have access to the service. Check with your telephone communications provider to see if you can use a network in those countries in which you are travelling. NBV is not liable for any additional costs you may incur. 

6       Equipment

You must obtain and maintain any equipment such as a Mobile Device and any connections which are necessary to enable you to use Mobile Banking. All costs associated with use of the Equipment are your responsibility.

7       Using IsiMobile on multiple Mobile Devices

7.1       After you have first registered IsiMobile on a Mobile Device you are permitted to register another 3 Mobile Devices. If you try to exceed the maximum number of devices you will receive an error message.

7.2       To deregister a Mobile Banking Device, call the NBV Help Desk.

7.3       To register an additional device, download the IsiMobile App, enter your customer number, Password then PIN. You will be asked to name the new device.

8       Mobile banking security

8.1       Unless precautions have been taken, Account information may be viewed on a mobile device screen if you do not log-off from Mobile Banking when you are finished.

8.2       NBV recommends the use of a code or Password or fingerprint logon for your Mobile Device and as an additional protection installing and enabling remote wipe software.

8.3       Make sure that nobody else knows the code or Password for your Mobile Device or the Access Codes for IsiMobile. Any person who has access to your Mobile Device and knows your PIN can instruct us to perform transactions and we will assume that it is you that has authorised the transaction(s).

9       Notifications on mobile banking device

9.1       NBV may send notifications, including SMS and/or email alerts, concerning your Accounts to your device(s).

9.2       Anyone who has access to your device (including if you lend it to someone else or it is lost or stolen) will be able to see your notifications.

9.3       Sometimes notifications may not reach your device due to the requirements or limitations of the communications network or system outages or due to factors beyond NBV’s control (e.g. your internet connection).

9.4       NBV may, without advance notice to you, temporarily suspend or terminate the notifications feature for any reason.

10       Electronic Communication

10.1       You agree:

a)     to inform us of any changes to your Email Address and Mobile Number and for us to contact you electronically at the Email Address and/or Mobile Number you have provided.

b)     that we can provide you with any information required to be given to you as well as non-marketing communications by electronic communication.

c)     that we and any related companies that use the NBV brand can contact you by email about news, special offers, products and services that may be of interest to you.

11       Fees and charges

11.1       We:

a)     reserve the right to introduce and vary fees and charges for Mobile Banking transactions and use of Mobile Banking.

b)     may debit fees and charges to your Account.

12       Lost/stolen mobile banking device

If your Mobile Banking Device is lost or stolen you must contact NBV as soon as possible so that access from the Mobile Banking Device can be deregistered. This will stop someone else from using it but will not stop them seeing notifications that have already been received on the device but not deleted.

13       Security requirements

13.1       NBV Mobile Banking access requires the use of a Customer number, a Password and a PIN. The Customer Number and Password are used initially to identify you so that you can create a PIN which then allows you to login to IsiMobile.

13.2       To protect yourself from unauthorised logins you should not choose a PIN or Password which uses:

-        your date of birth;

-        your driver’s license number;

-        a series of consecutive numbers (e.g. 1234) or the same numbers (e.g. 2222);

-        the same code/Password of your Mobile Banking Device.

13.3       Password

You must keep your Password secret and ensure that it is not used by another person. You should not allow any unauthorised person to watch you enter your Password.

You must NOT:

-        use all or part of your name, your date of birth, your debit card PIN, the same digits or consecutive numbers when selecting your Password;

-        record your Password anywhere near or on your telephone, or on any         transaction records such as statements.

You should change your Password every so often by contacting the NBV Help Desk.

You must notify us as soon as possible by contacting the NBV Help Desk if you suspect or know that your Password is known by someone else.

If you forget your Password it can be reset by contacting the NBV Help Desk.

13.4       PIN

You must keep your PIN secret and ensure that it is not used by another person. You should not allow any unauthorised person to watch you enter your PIN.

You can record your PIN to help you remember it but it must be well disguised. You should NOT:

-        reverse the order of numbers;

-        disguise as a telephone number;

-        disguise using letters that correspond to numbers (e.g. A=1, B=2,, C=3, etc.);

-        write a series of numbers that contain your number (e.g. 12547834);

-        record it on any Mobile Device where it can easily be retrieved;

-        record it anywhere where anybody can see it.

These are only examples. There are many other ways that you should not use to disguise your PIN so that it is obvious to another person.

If your PIN is compromised you are required to tell us quickly by contacting the NBV Help Desk.

You can change your PIN at any time while logged into IsiMobile or request a PIN reset by contacting the NBV Help Desk.

14       Transfers

14.1       IsiMobile customers can transfer funds between their own Accounts with the same customer number, or to their own Accounts with a different customer, or to other NBV customer Accounts.

14.2       Only cleared and available funds are able to be transferred.

14.3       Transfers may be made to Accounts with different currencies (e.g. from a VUV Account to an AUD Account).

14.4       Funds are transferred to the other Account immediately.

14.5       When transferring funds to an Account with a different customer number we do not check the accuracy of the account name or Account number. The only check performed is that the recipient Account number is valid. We are not responsible for any inaccuracy in instructions that you give nor are we responsible for the information the recipient receives in relation to the Transfer.

14.6       Where there is a Mistaken Transfer:

a)     the funds may be credited to the Account of an unintended recipient, and

b)     it may not be possible to recover the funds from the unintended recipient.

14.7       Monetary limits and thresholds may apply to your Mobile Banking transactions. We may change any transaction limit or impose new transaction limits. If this happens a change will made to these Terms and Conditions.

14.8       You are able to transfer clear and available funds to a new term deposit Account. A Term Deposit Acknowledgement will be emailed to your registered Email Address after the transfer.

15       Mistaken transfer – request to recover your funds

15.1       If you report to us that a Mistaken Transfer has been made by you, we will try and get the funds back to your Account. Refer to the Electronic Banking Terms & Conditions.

15.2       Providing an instruction to NBV with the correct Identifier(s) is your responsibility and we accept no liability if you provide incorrect instructions.


16       NBV agrees to

16.1       We will:

a)     take reasonable precautions to ensure that information concerning your Accounts transmitted through Mobile Banking will remain confidential and protected from unauthorised access to that information;

b)     make every effort to ensure that Mobile Banking is available to your 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but we are not responsible for any breakdown or interruption in Mobile Banking due to circumstances beyond our control;

c)     try to ensure that information we make available to you through Mobile Banking is, as far as practicable, up to date and correct.

16.2       Transactions processed through Mobile Banking will generally be processed immediately.

16.3       NBV is not responsible for the unavailability of Mobile Banking in whole or in part or for delays or errors in the execution of any transaction due to problems with the communication, network, ancillary equipment, our computer systems or any other circumstances.

16.4       NBV is not liable for the failure of Mobile Banking to perform in whole or in part any function that we have specified it will perform.

16.5       NBV is not liable for any loss or damage if a Mobile Banking transaction is delayed, is not effected or is in error for any reason.

16.6       NBV may suspend Mobile Banking services to perform regular hardware and/or software maintenance. These suspensions of services will be kept as short as possible and will be done as and when necessary.

16.7       NBV will, from time to time, issue updated versions of the IsiMobile App. These updates will fix problems, introduce new features, etc. Updates will usually be done automatically depending on your Mobile Banking Device settings.

17       You agree to

17.1       You will:

a)     not leave your Mobile Banking Device unattended and left logged into IsiMobile;

b)     lock your Mobile Banking Device or take other steps necessary to stop unauthorised use of your Mobile Device or IsiMobile;

c)     notify NBV immediately if your Mobile Banking Device is lost or stolen;

d)     not use IsiMobile for any purpose other than to do enquiries on your Accounts and make transfers;

e)     not act fraudulently or maliciously in relation to IsiMobile or the software (e.g. you will not copy, modify, adversely effect, reverse engineer, hack into or insert malicious code into IsiMobile or its software).

18       Your liability

18.1       You are liable for losses resulting from transactions carried out by you or by anyone carrying out a transaction with your authority, knowledge or consent, regardless of when the transaction is processed to your Account.

18.2       You are liable (and where an Account is in joint names you are jointly and severally liable) for all transactions and other losses caused by unauthorised        use subject to clause 19 below.

18.3       If you use an obvious PIN such as your date of birth or consecutive numbers you may be liable for any losses which occur as a result of unauthorised use of the PIN before you notify us that the PIN has been misused or known to someone else.

18.4       Where we can prove on the balance of probability that you have contributed to a loss through fraud or breaching Security Requirements in clause 13 you are liable in full for the actual losses that occur before the loss, theft or misuse of a Mobile Banking Device or the breach is reported to us but you are not liable for the portion of the losses:

-        incurred on any one day that exceeds any applicable daily transaction limit;

-        that exceeds the balance on the Account, including any pre-arranged credit;

-        incurred on any Account that we and you had not agreed could be accessed using a Mobile Banking Device and Access Code used to perform the transaction.

18.5       Where we can prove on the balance of probability that you have contributed to losses resulting from an unauthorised transaction by unreasonably delaying reporting the misuse, loss or theft of a Mobile Banking Device or that Security Requirements were breached, you are liable for the actual losses that occur between when you became aware of the security compromise, or should reasonably have become aware in the case of a lost or stolen Mobile Banking Device, and when the security compromise was reported to us, but, you are not liable for any portion of the losses:

-        incurred on any one day that exceeds any applicable daily transaction limit;

-        that exceeds the balance on the Account, including any pre-arranged credit;

-        incurred on any Account that we and you had not agreed could be accessed using a Mobile Banking Device and Access Code used to perform the transaction.

18.6       Where an Access Code was required to perform the unauthorised transactions, and the other circumstances outlined above do not apply, you are liable for the lesser of:

-        Vt15,000, or a lower figure determined by us,

-        the balance of the Account which we and you have agreed may be accessed using the Mobile Banking Device and Access Code, including any pre-arranged credit, or

-        the actual loss at the time the misuse, loss or theft of the Mobile Banking Device or breach of Security Requirements is reported to us, excluding that portion of the losses incurred on any one day which exceeds any relevant daily transaction limit.

19       Restriction, suspension, termination

19.1       You may at any time request in writing that we cancel your access to the service by completing the relevant form at an NBV branch.

19.2       It is your responsibility to cancel or change access to Mobile Banking if there is a change to the person authorised to have access (e.g. change of executive positions with an organisation or company).

19.3       We may:

a)         suspend your use of Mobile Banking at any time and without advance notice if we believe that the service is being misused in a manner that would cause loss to you or NBV,

b)         terminate your Mobile Banking access at any time by writing to or emailing to you at the address last recorded on our system.

19.4       We reserve the right to cancel, discontinue or suspend Mobile Banking without advance notice if we reasonably believe it is necessary or appropriate (e.g. there is a risk of fraud or a security breach or you have not accessed the service for a lengthy period or all the Accounts which you access are closed or inactive).

19.5       If you want to use Mobile Banking at a later date you may ask us to register or activate you again.

19.6       If you change your Mobile Number you need to inform us by completing the relevant form at an NBV branch.

20       Changes to terms and conditions

20.1       We may change these T&Cs from time to time.

20.2       Unless required by any relevant law we can make changes to these T&Cs immediately. The next time that you access Mobile Banking following a change to the T&Cs you will be required to read and accept the new version of the T&Cs.

20.3       If you do not accept the new version of the T&Cs your access to Mobile Banking will be suspended.